Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Grab your egg basket and camera and join us to welcome the Easter Bunny to Wrightsville Beach Park and to hunt for Easter eggs! The egg hunt will be divided into multiple age groups, with special prizes for those who find the Golden Eggs! Mr. & Mrs. E. Bunny will be available for pictures with your camera after the eggs have been collected.

A loud whistle will indicate the start of each age group's egg hunt at the times listed below. Please don't "jump the whistle". With over 7,000 eggs, there are plenty for everyone.

3 & under age group at 9:30 am

4 - 6 age group at 9:35 am

7 - 10 age group at 9:40 am

The staggered times allow parents with children in different age groups to enjoy the hunt with all of their children. 

 Please help us recycle the eggs. Egg recycling bins will be on site.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Bunny in the Park