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Contact Information

 David Squires
 Chief of Police
 Phone: (910) 239-1711

Jason Bishop
 Captain- Patrol Operations
 Phone: (910) 239-1730

Joe Newberry
 Captain- Support Services
 Phone: (910) 239-1717

Wendi Marsh
 Executive Assistant to Chief of Police
 Phone: (910) 256-7945

Hope Payne
 Administrative Support Specialist
 Phone: (910) 256-7945

Jordan Smith
 Sergeant - Support Services
 Phone: (910) 239-1726

G. Gowin
 Patrol Sergeant- A Squad
 Phone: (910) 239-1729

J. Lowe
 Patrol Sergeant- B Squad
 Phone: (910) 239-1718

Daniel Gaither
 Patrol Sergeant- C Squad
 Phone: (910) 239-1737

J. Stadler
 Patrol Sergeant- D Squad
 Phone: (910) 239-1716