Found Property

Inquiries for Found Property can be made Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

at (910)256-7945 ext 1715 or via email to

Property can be claimed by appointment or between the hours of 12pm-2pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Please note that identification is required to claim property.

August 2018

• 18E-0268 Black leather wallet – Manley

• 18E-0270 Cooler bag

• 18E-0277 Green Kayak

• 18E-0278 Passport

• 18E-0279 Superman wallet – Pope

• 18E-0285 Key Ring Ford

• 18E-0297 car keys on silver colored d-ring

• 18E-0306 Cell phone with Pokemon on back/eyeglasses

• 18E-0308 Pink Warby Parker Eyeglasses

• 18E-0309 Toyota key ring

• 18E-0310 Jeep Key

• 18E-0311 Pocket knife

September 2018

• 18E-0321 Cell phone

• 18E-0324 Nissan key

• 18E-0328 Wedding Ring set

• 18E-0329 Android LG Phone

October 2018

• 18E-0336 Bicycle

• 18E-0343 Surfboard

• 18E-0354 Black Samsung phone

• 18E-0355 Keys with tab #3647

November 2018


December 2018


January 2019

• 19E-0001 Jeep key with black lanyard

The below list of found and unclaimed property is in the possession of the Wrightsville Beach Police Department and is subject to destruction after March 1st, 2019.

Personal Property

17E-0302 James Booth

17E-0343 Anthony Beal

17E-0356 Jeffrey Caithness

17E-0376 Floyd Robertson

18E-0028 Clayton Lundsford

18E-0146 Jesika Norris

18E-0220 Jonathan Balkcum

18E-0221 Angela Tallent

18E-0245 Sequan Morgan

18E-0268 Jalen Manley


17E-0349 White IPhone

18E-0058 Cricket Cell Phone

18E-0072 LG Phone

18E-0073 White IPhone

18E-0136 Ipad Tablet

18E-0261 White IPhone

18E-0260 Gold IPhone


17E-0358 Honda Key Ring

17E-0360 Nissan Key & Residence Key

17E-0390 Car, House & Boat key on ring

17E-0400 Keys on Batman Lanyard

18E-0054 Jeep Key

18E-0098 Honda Key

18E-0118 Nissan Fob & key

18E-0258 Chev key & fob


18E-0049 Lady’s Ring

18E-0138 Men’s Watch

18E-0228 Men’s Gold Ring


17E-0325 Black Rand

17E-0383 Earth Cruiser

18E-0083 Trek Classic

18E-0101 Beach Cruiser with cat stickers

18E-0128 Cannondale

18E-0209 2-toned Beach Cruiser & Bookbag & Toyota Key

18E-0226 Rallye

18E-0226 Tequesta

18E-0226 Cranbrook

18E-0226 Mongoose

Sporting equipment

17E-0306 Nike Sneakers

18E-0009 Rod, Reel, Lure & Hook

18E-0138 Tackle Box

18E-0182 Boat Seat Cushion

18E-0223 Personal Locator Beacon


18E-0099 Vaporizer

18E-0166 Saw & Case