What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?
Utility bills are sent out bi-monthly. Payment is due within 30 days of the billing date. If payment is not received by 5:00 PM on the due date, a 10% late fee will be added to the account. Cutoff's are five days after the due date. If the cutoff day falls between Thursday and Sunday, services will be disconnected the next business day at 8:30 AM. If the payment is not received by the cut-off date at 8:30 AM, the account will be added to the cut-off list. Once your account is scheduled to be cut off, a $50 disconnect fee is added. The full balance, plus late fee and disconnect fee must be paid at Town Hall before services can be restored. The Town is not responsible for any delivery delays by the post office. Public Works employees are not permitted to accept payments. There is a $75.00 tampering fee for any meter that has been reconnected by anyone other than a Town of Wrightsville Beach representative.

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