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1. Trash - How many days a week is trash picked up?
2. Trash - Why was my trash not picked up?
3. Yard Debris - When will my yard debris be picked up?
4. Bulk Items - Do you pick up furniture or other bulk items?
5. Bulk items - Is there a drop off location for bulk items?
6. Bulk Items - How will I be billed for pickup requests?
7. Does the town provide curbside recycling service?
8. Trash Cart - Why do I have a rollback violation on my trash cart and how do I pay the violation fee?
9. Trash Cart - What do I need to do to get my trash cart replaced for some reason other than missing?
10. Trash Cart - What is the fee to add a trash cart to my address?
11. Yard Debris - How will I be billed for yard debris pickup?
12. Yard Debris - Is there a drop off location for yard debris?
13. Trash Cart - My trash cart is missing.