Hurricane Debris Removal

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October 3, 2018 11:47 AM

Hurricane Debris and Hazardous Waste Removal

Information is available regarding hurricane debris and hazardous waste removal.

Guide for Hurricane Florence Damage
Debris Pick-up for Wrightsville Beach


All Hurricane Related Debris must be adjacent to the street on October 3rd. The Town’s debris removal contractor will begin picking up debris on October 4th. The contractor will be picking up each pile separately using separate trucks. There may be days between the time that one debris pile gets picked up and when all of the debris is removed. Once they have passed your home and removed the vegetative debris, the contractor will not pick up any more vegetative debris at your location. The same process will apply to construction debris and white goods. Any debris placed beside the road after the contractor has passed by your home must be removed by the Town and the homeowner will be charged based on the Town’s current fee schedule.

Debris should be separated into three separate piles:
1) Yard Waste (trees, limbs, leaves, etc.) Large limbs should be cut in sections no larger than 8 feet
2) Construction Debris (lumber, sheetrock, siding, shingles, flooring, mattresses, furniture)
3) White goods (washers, dryers, ac units, etc.) All food waste should be removed and doors removed.

* All perishable food items should be placed in plastic bags (tied) and deposited in the Town's green trash container for collection

* Loose yard debris, such as leaves, should be placed in paper bags.

* If you are located on a private street or in a private community, all Hurricane Debris must be brought to the nearest public Right-of-Way. The Town will not be reimbursed from FEMA for removing debris from private streets. Normal dumpster service with domestic trash only will continue to be serviced.

* No hazardous chemicals or paint will be accepted. However, the New Hanover County Hazmat Wagon operates at Wrightsville Beach on Wednesdays from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm in the field adjacent to Town Hall.

* TVs, computers, computer screens (e-debris) will have to be disposed of as Hazardous Waste and not mixed with any other debris.

* Sandbags can be delivered to the Town’s Public Works office for re-use in another storm

* DO NOT block fire hydrants or place debris on water meters

* DO NOT block storm water drains and keep debris out of the roadway.

* Keep all debris away from power poles, guide wires, cable and phone boxes.

* Do not block your neighbor’s driveways or mailboxes

* Do not place vegetative debris in your green trash cart

If you have any further questions regarding Hurricane Florence debris pick up, please call the Public Works Department at 910-256-7935.

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