For customer convenience, the Town is now providing “Text2Park” to pay for parking in the Town.  

*Payment identified through license plate.

*Available Island Wide

*A convenience fee of $.50 per transaction is applicable using this method of payment.

Parking Codes (P-CODE) for Text2Park:

WBEACH (All lots and on street parking) *Excludes 1-Hour Only Spaces, Wrightsville Beach Park Lot, Town Hall Lot, and Museum Lot.

WBHOUR (All 1-Hour Only spaces from Latimer St. to Columbia St.)

First 2 Hours Free Lots:

WBPARK (All Wrightsville Beach Park lot parking spaces)

WBTOWN (All Town Hall lot parking spaces)

WBLOOP (All Museum Lot parking spaces)

 *Text2Park IS NOT case sensitive