Business on the Beach Permit Application

The Town of Wrightsville Beach recognizes that recreational programs provided by for-profit entities are held on public property governed and maintained by the Town.  In order for our citizens to utilize public property and the beaches in a safe and enjoyable manner, the Town has developed a policy for the conduct of private businesses and non-profit organizations on the beach front whose activities are exclusively ocean related. 

The Town of Wrightsville Beach requires completion of this application for the conduct of business activities taking place on the “beach front” as defined in Section 92.01 of the Town of Wrightsville Beach Code of Ordinances and meeting the following criteria:

  • The business conducted is held at least once per year and generates a profit for the sponsoring organization, including non-profits, and is not defined as a special event according to Town Ordinance §98.01.

This application is required in order to consider whether the activities proposed are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to insure activities are not detrimental to public health, safety and welfare, that the Town is not overburdened, and Town-sponsored activities are not interrupted or disturbed. In addition, the Town will require an annual application fee for the permit to conduct business. 

Click here to download the application, rules, and regulations for a Permit to Conduct Business on the Beach.