Mayor F.  Darryl Mills


Mayor Darryl Mills


(910) 256-7900

Originally elected to serve a four-year term as Alderman from 12/08/11 to 12/10/15. He was re-elected for another four-year term from 12/10/15 to 12/12/19.  He was elected to serve a two-year term as Mayor from 12/12/19- to 12/09/21. He was re-elected to serve a second two-year term as Mayor from 12/09/21 to 12/14/23.

Personal Information

Mayor Mills lived at Wrightsville Beach as a child and returned after college working to save money to go to law school. He has permanently resided at Wrightsville Beach since 1995. He graduated from Greene County Central High School in June, 1972. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor's Degree in May, 1976 and from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law in May, 1983. Mayor Mills has his own law firm, F. Darryl Mills, PLLC. He has a daughter, a son, and a grandson. His favorite pastimes include enjoying the beach, spending time with his family, reading and traveling. 

WB Board of Aldermen Representative on the following boards and committees:

   * Ports, Waterways & Beach Commission