Josh Haraway, Fire Chief

  1. Matt Holland

    A-Shift Captain

  2. Keith Nelson

    A-Shift Lieutenant

  3. Tylor Maser

    A-Shift Engineer

  1. Robert Pugh

    B-Shift Captain

  2. Maurice Peacock

    B-Shift Lieutenant

  3. Matt Zafuto

    B-Shift Engineer

WBFD group Jan 2023
The Wrightsville Beach Fire Department consists of 50 personnel, operating in capacities ranging from Full-Time, Part-Time, or Paid-On-Call.  

We have (12) Full-time personnel including (1) Fire Chief, (4) Captains, (3) Lieutenants, (3) Engineers, and (1) Ocean Rescue Director.   

Our Paid-on-Call personnel consists of College Interns and Volunteers that receive a stipend for the duties they perform for the Fire Department.  College Interns are Full-Time students at either UNC-W or CFCC, that live at the fire station.

  1. Scott Andersen

    C-Shift Captain

  2. John Gruber

    C-Shift Lieutenant

  3. Cody Miess

    C-Shift Engineer

Ocean Rescue
  1. Dave Baker

    Ocean Rescue Director/Fire Engineer

  2. Sam Proffitt

    Ocean Rescue Captain/Fire Captain