Residential Parking Permits and Vehicle Tax Decals

Purchasing Parking Permits and Vehicle Tax Decals 
Property owners in Wrightsville Beach are eligible to purchase up to 2 residential parking permits (hang tags) for $50 each. Permits can be purchased at the Parking Office at 321 Causeway Drive.  In the event an owner releases residential parking permits to a tenant, the tenant will need to submit a notarized letter application form provided by the Town (attached in a link below) specifying the number of permits requested.  Non-metered streets on Harbor Island will be parking by residential parking permit and/or vehicle identification decal only.  These areas are enforced from March 1st to October 31st from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.  No person shall park any vehicle on the Harbor Island designated streets unless the vehicle displays a current residential parking pass or a decal issued in accordance with the provisions of 70.36 of the Code of Ordinances.  

Vehicle tax decals may also be purchased from the Pivot Parking office.  This annual license tax, required per Town ordinances 70.35 - 70.39, is to be paid annually on or before the first day of April of each year.  Vehicle tax decals also serve as identification for re-entry onto Wrightsville Beach in the event of a mandatory evacuation.  It's important to purchase your vehicle tax decal before April.  Sale of the decals ceases when a hurricane warning is issued. 
GOLF CART PARKING:  If you own a street legal golf cart, you must pay for parking in the Town of Wrightsville Beach both on-street and in parking lots. Residential property owners in the Town can purchase up to two parking permits (hang tags) to be used with any vehicle.  An issued hang tag must be displayed on the golf cart parked on-street in those areas where parking permits are eligible for parking. Using a Tax decal or a photo copy of a parking permit to park a golf cart in Wrightsville Beach could result in the issuance of a parking citation.  
RESIDENTIAL PARKING PERMITS AND VEHICLE TAX DECALS may be purchased online.  However, you must pick up your permit or decal at the parking office during regular business hours.  

 Residential Parking Permit Application requires signature by a notary.

 Applicants for a Residential Parking Permit will need to show one of the following:
  • A driver's license that matches the Town's property tax listing
  • Another form of identification that identifies the individual as the property owner
  • If you lease a property, a notarized residential parking permit application from the property owner giving permission to obtain that property's allocation of passes is required.
  • If you lease a property that is handled by a property management group a notarized letter from the management group will be required in order to release the residential parking permits to the tenant.
  • If a property is a multi-family unit registered as a single property, the property is eligible for only 2 passes.
  • For each residential parking permit purchased, a vehicle tax decal must also be purchased with the residential parking permit if the owner of the vehicle resides in the Town for a period of 30 days (permanent or temporary residence) or if the vehicle is stored in the Town for any purpose either when in use or not in use.
  • If you are not purchasing a residential parking permit, vehicle tax decals will still be required if the owner of the vehicle resides in the Town for a period of 30 days (permanent or temporary residence) or if the vehicle is stored in the Town for any purpose either when in use or not in use.
  • Vehicle tax decals will also be required for those vehicles used and maintained and normally stored in the Town in connection with a business located in the Town.

Residential Parking permits are not valid in the following locations:

  • North Wrightsville Beach Lot (adjacent to Shell Island - beach access 2)
  • Ocean View Parking Lot (adjacent to Dune Ridge - beach access 3)
  • North Lumina Parking Lot ("L" shaped lot - beach access 4)
  • Moore's Inlet Parking Lot (beside Holiday Inn - beach access 8)
  • East Salisbury Street Parking Lot (adjacent to Johnnie Mercer's Pier - beach access 16)
  • West Salisbury Street Parking Lot
  • Wynn Plaza Parking Lot (public docks at the corner of Waynick Blvd and Causeway Drive)
  • South Lumina Parking Lot (across from Oceanic Restaurant - beach access 36)
  • 1-Hour Parking Only Metered Spaces (in the central business district)
  • On-street parking spaces on South Lumina between Sunset Street and the Northern edge of the South Lumina lot
  • Wrightsville United Methodist Church parking lot

Residential Parking Permits are valid in the following locations:

Wrightsville Beach ParkOld Causeway DriveShearwater StreetEast & West OxfordEast & West Columbia
Town HallKeel StreetSeagull StreetEast & West FayettevilleStone Street
WB MuseumMarina StreetLagoon DriveEast & West AshevilleNathan Street
Harbor IslandMallard StreetBay StreetAugusta StreetS. Lumina (101-620, 720-900)
Waynick Blvd.Sandpiper StreetEast & West GreensboroEast Charlotte StreetN. Lumina (101-2204)
Causeway DriveHeron StreetEast & West HendersonEast & West AtlantaJack Parker Blvd.

The Town of Wrightsville Beach also offers the parking pass options below for residents and visitors:  

  • Daily Pass - Available at Pay-by-Plate Kiosks for $25 per day (non-premium parking) or $30 per day (premium parking)
  • Weekly Pass - Available at the parking office for $150 per week
  • Contractor Pass - Available at the parking office for $10.00/Per Day/Per Vehicle
  • Commercial Passes - Available at the parking office

See table and map below. Click for PDF version of table or map

Resident Parking Table 2.2024
WB Map 2024 v1