The Town of Wrightsville Beach uses "pay stations" at some public parking locations. There are 26 pay stations on the island available for visitors to conveniently pay.

All machines have the following functions that may be used to purchase hourly or daily parking:
  • Accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only)
  • Accepts bills ($1, $2, $5, and $10 only)
  • Accepts coins (quarters, and dollar coins)

Additional Information

Please note the time of expiration on pay receipt. Receipt must be displayed face up on dash as proof that parking has been paid.

If you require assistance with a pay station, please notify us immediately by calling the parking office at 910-256-5453.

Steps to Pay

  • Press the Start key on the machine to wake it from power conservation mode.
  • Provide credit card, cash, or coin payment. (Minimum of 1 hour payment required)
  • Retrieve the receipt from the machine.
  • Place your Pay Station receipt on your dashboard (face up) so that the enforcement staff can see your expiration time and date.
  • Once you have received a Pay Station receipt, you may move to any other metered location in the Town that does not have time restrictions for your duration of stay.
  • Pay station receipts are not valid at 1-Hour Parking Only meters and will be subject to a citation.  The one hour maximum stay area is on Lumina Avenue between Latimer and Columbia Streets.  These spaces are in front of the local merchants in the business district and serve to increase turnover so that business patrons may find available parking.