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About Paystations

The Town of Wrightsville Beach uses "paystations" at some public parking locations. There are 26 paystations on the island available for visitors to conveniently pay. All machines have the same functions:

  • Accepts credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and DISCOVER only)
  • Accepts bills ($1, $2, $5, and $10 only) and gives change
  • Accepts coins (nickels, quarters, and dollar coins)

Additional Info
Please note time of expiration on receipt. Be sure to leave parking area or pay for additional stay to avoid a parking citation.

Paystations are provided to the public because they allow more options to the public, and thus a higher level of service than traditional single space parking meters.

If you notice any problem with a paystation, please notify us immediately by calling our office at 256-5453.

Place your Paystation receipt on your dashboard, face up, so that the enforcement staff can see your expiration time.

Once you have received a Paystation receipt, you are allowed to move anywhere on the island, even to 9-Hour parking meters (Paystation receipts are honored there as well), up until the expiration time on your receipt.

Paystation receipts are not valid at 1-Hour Parking Only meters, and will be subject to a citation if used in such a way.

Should you choose to "Add Time" to an existing receipt, you must return to the same Paystation where you first purchased the original receipt.    


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