Found Property

Inquiries for Found Property can be made Monday-Friday 9am-4pm 

at (910)256-7945 ext 1727 or via email to

Property can be claimed by appointment or between the hours of 10 am-4 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Please note that identification is required to claim property.

January 2017

• 17E-0001 Key ring with multiple keys

• 17E-0010 Jeep Key

• 17E-0024 Key Ring- 4 keys on black tab

• 17E-0025 Key Ring- Mazda & Ford, house key

February 2017

• 17E-0026 Wedding Band

• 17E-0041 Boat Center Console Cover

• 17E-0054 iPhone

• 17E-0069 Key Ring - with vehicle key

March 2017

• 17E-0070 Key Ring - Kia key

• 17E-0071 iPhone 4

• 17E-0072 Brown leather purse with stripes

April 2017

• 17E-0100 Key ring with keys

• 17E-0105 Ron Jon Surf Shop Skim Board and High Voltage Skim Board

• 17E-0110 Black LaJolta Bike, Blue Diamondback Outlook Bike, Blue Diamondback Kids Bike

• 17-E-0115 Mazda key fob with key

May 2017

• 17E-0131 White Samsung Cell Phone (damaged)

• 17E-0158 Beach Cruiser teal in color with surfquest sticker and C9 Sunlite seat

• 17E-0175 Cell phone