Found Property

Inquiries for Found Property can be made Monday-Friday 9am-4pm 

at (910)256-7945 ext 1727 or via email to

Property can be claimed by appointment or between the hours of 10 am-4 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Please note that identification is required to claim property.

May 2017

• 17E-0131 White Samsung Cell Phone (damaged)

• 17E-0158 Beach Cruiser teal in color with surfquest sticker and C9 Sunlite seat

• 17E-0175 Cell phone

• 17E-0178 Bi-fold cell phone case/wallet

• 17E-0188 Glock 19 Gen 4

June 2017

• 17E-0198 Chevrolet Key with #76 tag

• 17E-0204 iPhone and Otterbox

• 17E-0209 iPhone 6S

• 17E-0235 Grey/Black Crazyfly kiteboard Raptor

July 2017

• 17E-0227 Jeep Key ring with flip flop

• 17E-0242 Republica de El Salvador Identification w/wallet

• 17E-0244 Party Animals Backpack w/Samsung tablet

• 17E-0248 Keys with car key fob

• 17E-0253 Men's zipper pouch

• 17E-0255 Tan shorts w/Chevy keyfob on lanyard

• 17E-0276 Beach cruiser style bicycle

• 17E-0276 Drone

August 2017

• 17E-0293 Leather Men's wallet

• 17E-0299 Cell Phone