Found Property

Inquiries for Found Property can be made Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm at (910)256-7945 ext 1727 or via email to

Property can be claimed by appointment or between the hours of 10 am-4 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Please note that identification is required to claim property.

The following are unclaimed items run from February 2015 through April 2016.  These items will be destroyed or donated in accordance to NGGS Chapter 15 Article 2.  

YR #` Item
Unclaimed Cell Phones
15E 50 Blue Iphone in blk Otter case
15E 62 White Iphone
15E 162 Iphone5 in pink/grey case
15E 203 Nokia Iphone
15E 230 Blk Motorola Cellphone
15E 305 Iphone5 busted screen, light green
15E 311 AT&T LG Optimus cell phone damaged
15E 316 Black GalaxyS4 Samsung cell phone
15E 338 Black Galaxy S4 Samsung cell phone
15E 371 White Iphone5
16E 27 Iphone /White in Gold Case
16E 64 Iphone/White w/busted screen
Unclaimed Water Crafts
15E 314 6' Pride Surfboard/White
15E 344 Wilderness Kayak & life jacket / Tan
15E 396 9.5' Swifty Kayak/Blue
Unclaimed Bicycles
15E 104 Blue Diadora Bicycle
15E 107 R/W/B Electra Bicycle & Pump & binoculars
15E 143 Purple /blk Diamond Back bicycle
15E 144 Blue/Pink Huffy bicycle
15E 239 Red/Silver Next Bicycle
15E 318 Fat Tire Bicycle/Navy w/pink rims
15E 357 Fat Tire Bicycle/Grn Mongoose..broke chain
15E 380 Huffy Bicycle/ Yel & Blue
15E 400 Roadmaster Bicycle/Teal
15E 412 Electra Bicycle/Sivler
15E 413 Electra Bicycle/Black w/lock
16E 3 Huffy Bicycle/ Blk & Red
Unclaimed Personal Property
15E 160 Wallet of Evan Doherty… LTR
15E 188 Wallet of Daniel Oaks.. LTR
15E 232 Property of Mason Flynn…LMM/LTR
15E 276 Property of Margaret A. Malpass.. LTR
15E 281 Property of Cameron Patrick Hayes.. LTR
15E 334 Property of Gabriel Reyes..LTR
15E 350 Property of Andrea Cecila Solis Tinajero..LTR
15E 398 Property of Julie Maul "Denmark"
15E 438 Property of Daniel P. Murphy.. LTR
16E 40 Property of Gwendolyn Y Hackett..LTR
16E 48 Property of Jesse A. Stone.. LTR
Unclaimed Miscellaneous Items
15E 83 Quicksilver Toiletry Bag
15E 112 Blue/Blk EcoXgear Digital Speaker
15E 124 Green Fitbit Zip
15E 137 Lilly Pultzer pink elephant wallet & contents
15E 167 Trumpet & Case
15E 170 Blk frame Magnivision eye glasses
15E 206 Paisley bifold w/blue elephant and contents
15E 248 Brown RX Rayban eye glasses
15E 298 RedRidge Sunglasses
15E 293 Orange Fitbit
15E 302 52 Quart gray/blue cooler
15E 320 Silver Ipod
15E 335 Lumix GPS
15E 349 Telescope Eye Piece
15E 356 Black Oakly Rx sunglasses
15E 358 Crochet top/blue bead necklace/coin choker
16E 26 ECOLAB monitor/damaged
16E 32 Crochet multicolored change purse
Unclaimed Jewelry
15E 285 Lady's Fossil Watch
15E 387 Men's Silver Ring engraved w/  "M&B TL 11"
15E 401 Gold in color Bracelet engrav w/BeTheChange 
16E 37 Lady's gold colored ring with 9 hearts
16E 62 7" Silver colored braclet
Unclaimed keys
15E 57 Saab Key
15E 59 Red House Key & vehicle key 
15E 63 Key on TRU lanyard
15E 94 Key Ring /Poss Owner Gregg
15E 111 Ford key /Fob
15E 118 Car key & round key on ring
15E 126 House key with tab #54
15E 126 Audi Flip Key fob
15E 154 Key ring/ tab 14 West
15E 166 Key ring w/white surf board bottle opener
15E 176 key ring w/2 keys
15E 189 Car and house key
15E 196 Yellow house key on mulitcolored lanyard
15E 198 Key Ring with Ford key and fob
15E 205 House key with Turtle on ring
15E 205 Nissan key
15E 205 Honda Key
15E 208 2 keys on earring designed ring
15E 252 Two keys on ring with #29 on tab
15E 299 Key ring w/5 keys
15E 313 Key ring w/5 keys
15E 342 Key ring with Cadi, Sunstar hms & Tile tab
15E 352 Key Ring w Infinity keys & Hs Keys
15E 365 Blue House Key
15E 441 Single key
16E 9 Key ring w/ BMW Fob, 2 keys on blue D-ring
16E 11 Key & Fob for Kia
16E 14 Blue Oakly Laynard & key
16E 43 Set of Keys on blue D-ring
16E 67 Key ring with Honda key &  heart/turtle charm
16E 73 Honda Key

May 2016
  • 16E-0144 Honda Key & Fob on Seahawks Lanyard

  • 16E-0157 Honda Fob & Leather tab

June 2016
  • 16E-0156 Rodriguez Property
  • 16E-0168 Key with unknown vehicle & house key
  • 16E-0173 Acura Key
  • 16E-0181 2 Blk Lock keys
  • 16E-0190 Large key ring set with blk D ring
  • 16E-0192 Lady's Ring
July 2016
  • 16E-0199 Conser property
  • 16E-0208 Cell Phone
  • 16E-0209 Toyota Key
  • 16E-0210 Glock Mag
  • 16E-0211 Trac Phone and ID for Burney
  • 16E-0212 Prescription Glasses
  • 16E-0218 Rash Guard & Bike Lock
  • 16E-0219 Dodge Key Fob
  • 16E-0243 Lg Phone
  • 16E-0243 Key ring with 3 rings
  • 16E-0244 Chevy key fob
  • 16E-0245 Key ring 2 keys